These pages, some of the first sporting pages on the web, were previously hosted at the University of Nottingham on the Communications Research Group's web server. They now reside on my personal home page for reference purposes and will not be updated.

Unfortunately Stuart Jackson, the author of the excellent statistical archive made available, passed away on Wednesday 19th July 2000. Stuart was an ex-secretary of the London Owls and a lifelong Wednesday fan.

Sheffield Wednedsday FC

This collection of pages is largely out of date these days for a number of reasons (i) time is scarce these days and (ii) it is no longer the case that these is little information on the web. This page was one of the first footballing pages on the web, but there are many other sites now and it is in their direction that I point you for up-to-date information. However there still remains the SWFC archive with full stats from 1885 to the end of the 1994-1995 season.

The Owls Archive

A complete statistical archive for Sheffield Wednesday dating back from 1880 to the 1994/95 season. Profiles of all players and managers are included together with full results and league tables. The late Stuart Jackson provided this information.

The Original Wednesday Pages

Here you will find match reports from the 1993/1994 and 1994/1995 season, together with a reasonably extensive picture archive from that period.

Other Wednesday Sites

Your first stop should probably be owlsNET

If you're looking for match reports then the following professional sites usually have reports within 24 hours of the game

Carling Premiership
The Electronic Telegraph - you will need to register and then look in the Sport's section
The Times/Sunday Times - you will need to register and then look in the Sport's section
Sky Sports

A list of the Wednesday sites which I know of (this is by no means complete):

Barmy Army On-Line
The London Owls

and probably plenty more but the above pages should be enough of a springboard

Finally some merchandising info, and general commercial based stuff:

The Official Sheffield Wednesday Merchandise Online Pages

Other Football related pages of interest

General links - no guarantee as to whether these still work etc etc etc

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