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In November 1998 I moved from Nottingham to the Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS). I continued to work on the trials aspects of Coven, within the ICE lab, and also started to work on the VITI research program to establish a virtual meeting infrastructure across Sweden using videoconferencing.

In 2001 I coordinated the Accord project, funded under the Disappearing Computer programme of the IST.

In 2002 I moved to work in the HUMLE laboratory at SICS.

A web version of the powerpoint slides to accompany my introductory seminar for Humle on January 24th 2002 (movies only seem to work with IE).

In 2002 I worked on the Safira project with Kristina Höök, an EU IST funded project looking at the role of affect in real-time applications. I was involved in the evaluation of the SenToy-FantasyA and James the Butler demonstrators. This evaluation work was extensively published at Conferences (CHI 2003, IVA) and in journals.

During this time I have also been involved in the SUNET Net-based meetings project, to encourage a greater use of e-meeting resources within the SUNET community.

In 2003 I designed, authored and produced a DVD to showcase the research efforts of the HUMLE laboratory and to advertise SICS as a whole. This was done using the Abode video collection: Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Audition and Encore.

In 2003 I also worked on the MyAccess project, a Telia-funded project investigating a taxonomy of services for mobile telephones. How can the jungles of mobile services, operators, costs and external content be managed and presented in a way that is easily understood my the average mobile phone user. We undertook a study where people were asked to categorise a selection of mobile services and were then interviewed on why and how they made their choices.

I finished working at SICS in September 2004.