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I've had a page on Sheffield Wednesday since early 1993.

You can see the original pages here.

The Owls Archive, compiled by the late Stuart Jackson, has also been hosted at various of my sites, starting at Nottingham and now available here.

On being a football fan: "I am aware of the downside to this wonderful facility that men have: they become repressed, they fail in their relationships with women, their conversation is trivial and boorish, they find themselves unable to express their emotional needs, they cannot relate to their children, and die lonely and miserable. But you know, what the hell?"

Nick Hornby

I don't know what's happening to football! Used to be the people's game, now you can't move for bloody trendies, middle-class wankers who write novels about the emotional aspects of supporting Arsenal.

James Bolam, Eleven Men Against Eleven, C4.